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DATE: May 1, 2003 FILE REF: MMCMIN 070803

TO: Marsh Management Committee

FROM: Andy Nelson, Area Wildlife Supervisor

SUBJECT: August 12, 2003 Meeting Minutes

As I write these notes, I hope everyone out there is doing their rain dance! Boy, it’s dry out there! With no rain to speak of since our August 12th meeting, it has been hard to get the marsh level to start on the upswing.

Our last meeting took out of the Marsh and onto the high ground for a talk about forestry. Specifically, there was lengthy discussion about the lower woodlot (Raddatz woods) on Palmatory Street. DNR Foresters Tad Pyrek and Randy Stampfl advise the group on the need to consider harvesting the majority of oaks to help regenerate the stand. Key concerns about the woods relate to the advanced age of the oak trees and failing health of other species in the woods.

After much debate, no decisions were made. However, it was agreed that DNR would continue to take public comment and evaluate if any new options may work to both address public interest in mature forest but also address need to regenerate. Stay tuned.

Russ Sobczyk inquired about ethanol signs around area. Andy gave a thumbnail sketch of the issue and referred interested parties to local groups representing either side of the matter.

Water levels on the Marsh are low. As of August 12th the dam reading was 74.16. With next rains, Andy will have dam closed to start refill for fall. Neighbor water issues have been addressed through pumping and dry weather. Hopefully the survey that is planned for later this year will provide a permanent solution for water management concerns.

Andy reported the DNR burned cattails on July 21, 22 and 24 with the help of USFWS staff and equipment. The burns included about 100 acres north of Burnett Ditch, 800 acres east of Fourmile Island, and about 10 acres north of Diana Ditch, west of Miescke Bay.

Strong North winds helped the largest burn become very successful. Unfortunately some of the smoke and ash irritated the City of Horicon for about 2 hours that afternoon.

Andy passed out a sheet depicting which areas will be sprayed later this month. Current funding will allow us to complete 400 acres of spraying. Pending grants and donation approval, Andy will shoot to accomplish 400 acres next year as well.

Boat ramp renovation contract has been awarded. Last information was that work would be completed by September 1, 2003. That does not look very likely at this point. Stay tuned!

Andy shared the duck and goose season frameworks with all. Overall, it looks to be one of the most liberal goose seasons we’ve had in recent times. Hopefully rains will come in time to flood prime habitat areas!
DU Television is coming to Horicon to tell their conservation story. Look for the show to air during the 2004 season.

Fall trapping was next up on the agenda. Specifically, the group revisited more liberal trapping rules for areas of high muskrat density. Specifically, the Bachhuber Flowage and I-3 were discussed. After much debate, it was agreed that muskrat population densities in these impoundments are in need of culling through fur harvest. As a result, both units will open to full trapping privileges this fall. Trapping auction will be scheduled in September.

Finally we spent a bit of time considering development options in and around Clark’s Ditch. There was much agreement that this area of the Marsh is in great need of habitat improvements. After brief discussion of various restoration strategies, it was decided that more information was needed to evaluate rewards and implications for working in this area. To that end, Andy will try to secure surveying staff to help understand the lay of the land in this area. The survey would hopefully reveal areas with flooding potential, springs, and more!

Many thanks to Barbara Dutkiewicz for the wonderful snacks at our meeting! Thanks also to Cheryl Kakatsch for taking these notes!

Finally, thank you Mark Kakatsch for donating a dozen wood duck houses to the Marsh.

Our next meeting will beheld on Tuesday September 9 at 6:30 p.m. at the DNR Service Center. Topics of discussion will include:

DNR Research Report: Mallard and Blue-Wing Teal Nesting Study
Management Updates
Cattail Spray Project Review
Burnett Impoundment Progress

Please be sure to join us for Ron Gatti’s presentation about mallard nesting on private lands in Dodge and Fond du Lac Counties. This report will provide some great insights into the fate of our local breeders! Bring a buddy and join us for some great duck talk!

And if that isn’t enough to get you, Dean Schaffer’s tasty treats are sure to bring you out for a fun night! See you soon!


Dennis Fruehauf Wayne Bandler Jim Reinhard
Gregg Apostoloff Russ Sobczyk Robert Miescke
Ed Miescke Terry Vrana Noel Nogalski
Randy Stampfl Ted Pyrek Stuart Wellnitz
Kevin Smith Keith White Larry Michael
Troy Maaser Todd Cook Kathy Rydquist
Barbara Dutkiewicz Jim Bednar Andy Nelson
Cheryl Kakatsch Todd Pauly Mark Kakatsch
Dean Schaffer

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