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The picture above is an actual node or "joint" from the "downed crescent" portion of the three circle formation. Notice that the outer portion or "Node Collar" has a horizontal rupture across its width and that the collar on each side has shrunken, leaving a gaping hole. This kind of plant tissue damage is called an "Expulsion Cavity," and is characteristic of cereal plants from authentic formations. This has never been found in standing control plants or in hoaxed circles created by pranksters. They can only result from the "flash heating" effects of energy which turns the cell fluid to steam and causes the vessels to explode, much like popcorn. The presence of these "Expulsion Cavities" is conclusive evidence of an authentic crop circles as they cannot be created by any known hoaxing technique. The Mayville formation is very distinctive for several reasons, including the fact that it was observed during its formation. The presence Expulsion Cavities is conclusive evidence to support this observation. this specimen was collected in the formation and determined to be an authentic Expulsion Cavity by the scientific research team consisting of Mr. Gary Kahlhamer, Dr. Charles N. Lietzau, Mr. Roger Sugden, and Mr. Jeffrey Wilson, MS. - Information provided by Dr. Charles N. Lietzau.

Jeffery Wilson

Roger Sugden

Chuck Lietzau

Roger photographing crop circles.

A lot of photography was needed.

Studying the pattern of the of the wheat.

Getting the eye witness report.

Taking measurements.

Soil sample spot.

Measuring the crop circles.

Collecting wheat samples.
Four crop circles, not three.

Roger at work taking ariel photographs.


Military comes to visit us in the air and on foot.

A little twisted. A rare find.

A visit to Roxy's. Reading the Mayville news.

Roxy visits us.

And a visit to the Marsh Inn to listen to an eye witness report of a UFO.

The researchers findings: This site was determine that it was not a hoax created by pranksters.

What made the researchers come to this conclusion.
1. Eye witness report.
2. The presence of expulsion cavities in the wheat.
3. Highly magnetic soil in the crop circle.

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