Eberle's Produce has been in business for over 30 years.  We have supplied Dodge County and it's travelers with delicious homegrown produce. We also make cedar lawn furniture - built to last. These quality pieces make for beautiful additions to your yard or garden. 
Our craft shop and cedar furniture is available all year round. Fresh, homegrown produce is available during the fall, starting in the third week of September
We have a wide variety of pumpkins sizes, from baseball size to bushel basket size.  Some of our pumpkins reach over 200 pounds!  When your kids are ready to design their first Jack-O-Lantern, or you want to bake a delicious homemade pumpkin pie, stop in a Eberle's Produce to find that perfect pumpkin.
Eberle's Produce has a wide variety of of pumpkins, gourds, corn, and good things to eat such as
potatoes, onions, apples, honey, jams, and salsa. We are open the third week of September through
Halloween. Stop in between 8am and 6pm 7 days a week.
Our business is family oriented. Our prices are reasonable so every
child in the family can have a pumpkin. Pumpkins vary from baseball
size to bushel basket size. A few pumpkins are even larger. We have
pumpkins for carving, to make a pie, and pumpkins for decorating or
painting. Novelty pumpkins include white pumpkins, "one to many"
pumpkins... which is new, and the large Prize Winner pumpkin. Our mini
pumpkins are orange, white, and striped...


Quality cedar lawn furniture is available all year round. Cedar is a high
quality durable aromatic wood. With a great smelling aroma and eye-
appealing look the cedar lawn furniture will be a great addition to your
yard, garden area, and parks. We have a wide selection of furniture such
as picnic tables, octagon tables, cocktail tables, swings, love seats,
rocking chairs and more. Stop by our farm and check out our huge


We have a large selection of hand made crafts. We added on a room to
display all our crafts. Some of the many items we have include orange
gourds with painted faces, bird feeders, piggy banks, items for your doll
collection, lawn ornaments, holiday decorations, and more. Stop by all
year long to see what we have for you.